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We have served more than thousands of customers.

Tasty Bite Restaurant

We have always shared a passion for great spicy foods. We have always loved cooking and eating great Indian food with friends and family We are so happy to share your dream comes true now with TASTY BITE RESTAURANT, hope you enjoy dining with us.

‘Tasty Bite Restaurant’ With authentic Indian cuisine prepared by best chefs, and a superb team of efficient staff. Common services and facilities at here include: an extensive menu of authentic Indian cuisine & high quality food services.

The exciting menu offers vegetarian, Meat, Seafood followed by wonderful Indian desserts. Every palate is considered with an extensive choice of meals, tandoor dishes, biryanis, thalis and breads, all of which retain the authentic characteristics of regional home-cooking.

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We serves fresh, flavorful Indian cuisine prepared from the finest ingredients from around the world.

Opening Time

Tuesday – Sunday

11:00AM – 09:00PM

Note: Closed on Monday

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1215 5TH Avenue

Prince George BC

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